Adam Bawany



I entered the world of digital arts way back in 2008. However, I soon had to come to terms with the reality of what the business landscape offered to budding artists like me in those days. Especially in Pakistan – a struggling developing country. This led me to incline towards other domains in the industry that paid well – UI/UX designer and website designer and front end developer. And so, this is what I did for 4 years.
In 2012, my life took another twist when I cofounded a software and web development company with my brother. That’s when the artist in me disappeared somewhere in the deep layers of my brain. Being the COO, my main focus was now to keep my company afloat and take it through the difficult first five years.
However, the flames started burning again in early Feb 2022 when I joined Ben Yu’s Nas Academy and learned about NFT’s. The Adam of 2008 again resurfaced with creative juices in full force. And as surprising as it could be, the artist in me has survived all these hard years of entrepreneurship.

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